Preparation Starts For The Celebration of 14th August In Pakistan

Preparation for the 70th Independence Day is full in swing.  The day of 14th August is approaching fast. The national flags are selling daily like hot cake.   Every government and the private institute is busy to organize the special program for this day.

Moreover, everyone is decorating their houses, building, shopping malls, bazaars, main roads with national flags and fancy lights. Children are waiting for this days and buying national flags. People are saying that the stuff like badges is out of reach of a common man. Therefore some are buying or some are just praying that prices go down.

According to Akhtar business, we are busy in making national flags, Raja & Bara Bazaar, Sarafa Bazaar, Qila, Ganjmandi, Choor, Allahabad, Misriyal, Tench, Asghar buntings, pictures of national heroes, and stickers here at Mall, Banni etc.

In addition, one can get this item from all bigs stores and roadside vendors that show the enthusiasm of the people belonging to all ages.

 Why we celebrate 14th August

The Day play tells to give the honor to those people who sacrifice their lives for the Pakistani freedom.  such as, Dr, M.Iqbal who need no word for his introduction. he was a poet and a Philosopher. our other great hero is Quaid Azam, who is the creator of Pakistan. he got good fame as the supreme leader of Pakistan.


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