8 tips to decrease body weight fast while Ramadan


Mostly people eat during the holy month of Ramadan that increases their weight. To avoid losing weight during Ramadan you must check out these tips.

There are 8 tips you can do in Ramzan to avoid your weight in control.

  1. Keep away from overeating.
  2. Don’t eat more during Iftar which makes you energetic not tired.
  3. Chew and eat your food gradually to avoid acid stomach.
  4. Keep away from oil and fry fritters, you have to eat salad and soup.
  5. You have to replace the sugary foods
  6. On the daily basis, drink 8 glasses of water while iftar.
  7. Fresh fruit and fresh juices are necessary for removing re-hydrating.

After taking meal walk is necessary which stop to increase extra calories


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