Aamir Liaquat show banned by PEMRA Banned

 Aamir Liaquat show banned by PEMRA authority. This banned from Bol Tv but also banned from other channels as well. The host of Ase Nahi Chalay Ga appeared last night.They started criticizes PEMRA used bad language on Tuesday.

  The PEMRA’S states that

 Aamir Liquate will not host any Tv show in a fresh manner. The old repeating includes an analyst, reporter, audio and video promo advertisement in a bad manner.

 PEMRA has already listened variously complains about Aamir Liaquat. The show Ase Nahi Chalay Ga monitored fromJ January 24th.  Aamir Liaquat is also blamed and threatening the life of the social activist. Jibran Nasir added.

 In the notice, this also mentioned if the channel ‘s establishment does not fulfill then it suspension Bol news channel license.

Bol TV’s transmission has suspended in different parts of the country due to cable.

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