Get information about alfred Nobel invented dynamite

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, the 21st October 1833, Alfred Nobel is one of most famous businessmen in history. His big invention dynamite, allowed the world to construct earthly relations in the 19th century.

Buelptt Alfred Nobel is also the founder of the Nobel Prizes, an annual award given to outstanding help to mankind in the field of physics, chemistry, medicine and peace.

Besides being an inventor, noble also a businessman. He had factories and laboratories in more than 20 countries and 335 registered patents. However, at a time before telephone and email made people‘s lives easier.

He traveled by train and by boat at a time where air travel did not exist. He did business in five languages with the rest of the world without the help of business advisors.

In 1852 Alfred returned to Russia to work in the becoming family business. The end of the Crimean war of 1853- 1856 Nobel’s father fell again in to the ruin and Alfred moved back to Stockholm. By 1863, Alfred searched how to convert nitroglycerin into a technically. He invents a paste that can help to make the shape of the drilling holes.

in addition, In 1867 he patented his invention under the name of dynamite. Dynamite became new invention. It speeded up the drilling of tunnels, the building of canals and  other forms of great work in the 19th century.

Moreover, in 1868, the year after the first patent for dynamite. Alfred Nobel and his father awarded the Lettersets prize by the royal academy of sciences.

The prize which Alfred valued highly awarded for important victories of practical value to humanity will give him the good background to his own prize.

With a vast demand for dynamite in the worldwide, Alfred Nobel had to prove him a very skillful businessman.  in addition, Between 1865 and 1873 Alfred moves his home. After some years he found factories and laborites in some different places around the world.

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