What Is The Importance Of Anglo Saxon Period To Modern Society

The early English period called the Anglo Saxon period (450-1050) of the Old English period.

Anglo Saxon poetry

Anglo Saxon poetry shows the temperature and character of their creators, who splendid warriors, a great lover of nature and were capable of profound emotions. Their poetry allows with the spirit of quest, love of the sea and love of home

This contains fatalism and deep religious feeling. William J.Long remarks: “Briefly, it is sum up in five great principles, their love of personal freedom, their nature, their religion, and their respect for the adulthood.

The important works of Anglo Saxon period are listed below

  1. Beowful

It is first old English epic. This tells the great deeds and death of Beowulf. It written on the Germanic theme, the story brought to the England in the form of short songs. Moreover, it wrote in the West Saxon dialect.

The story of the Beowulf is full of digressions episode. It tells the heroic adventures of the hero. Beowulf, who frees the Danish king Hrothgar of an awful monster Greta also killed Grendel’s mother.

He gorges with Hrothgar and returned to his native land. He was a great and successful ruler and king of Greta’s. After a prosperous reign of about forty years, he slew a firedrake that robs his country. In the fight, Beowulf died of the dragon’s fiery breath. moreover, The poem closes with the description of the burial.

in addition, They criticize of the sorrow of their hearts, the death of their liege lord.

Beowful has a long-lasting social interest. It tells the manners and customers of the forefathers of Englishmen before they came to England. W.H. Hudson remarks: “bright pictures of life in war and peace among our remote forefathers add greatly to the value of a fine old poem” this is also visible in the sketch of the fierce aspects of nature.

This covers rich character-drawing of women and men. The character portrayal of the hero, both in his youth and his age, is superb.

The language of the poem is characterized by power, honesty, ease, articulacy and precision. As the earliest poetic masterpiece in old English, its place in the literary history of England is immortal. In the words of stop ford A. Brooke: “the whole poem, the pagan as it is, is English to its very root.

2: Widsith 

This consists of about 150 lines of the verse. However, its language is noticeable for a drive.

3: Waldera

It has about sixty- three lines. moreover, it tells some of the exploits of Walter of Aquitaine.

4: miscellaneous poems

Three poetical fragments. moreover, they are vital for the battle of the Brunanburh and the battle of Malden and for historically.

The Exeter book

This contains seven short elegies of abiding human interest. They are Decay, the Wariderer, and the seafarer, the wife’s complaint, the husband’s complaint, doer, wulf and Eaduaacer. Ruin is the grief of a traveler over the desert city, and the rover expands the grief motive of ruin over the unhappiness of the whole world of man. Moreover, it is a creative whole.

in addition, The seafarer describes “the risks and interest of a sea, breathes the spirit which full the hearts of our forefathers during they sang and sailed, and is strange modern in note.” The wife’s complaint and the husband’s complaint deal with love- passion. According to William j long, Deor “is much more poetic than widsith, and is the one perfect lyric of the Anglo- Saxon period “such look as “His grief passed away; so will mine” have catholicity of request and long-lasting human interest.

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