Bismillah ayat facts everyone should know

Bismillah ayat facts everyone should know

Bismillah ayat facts everyone should know.

  1. Satan (the devil) has stolen one verse from the believers?

Ans: According to Hazrat Ibn e Abbas the Satan stole Bismillah from the people. Furthermore, in another tradition, the people forgot the ayat. (Behiki)

2. Which ayat Allah (the God) revealed on the Prophet Muhammad and Prophet Solmon?

Ans: Traditions have revealed that Allah revealed Bismillah to both the Prophets.

3. What verse the angel Geb-rial used to recite each time before new revelation?

Ans: The angel Geb-rial used to recite Bismillah each time before every Quranic revelation. In addition to it; some scholars say, ” Allah sends this ayat before every new Surah”.

4. How did the Prophet Muhammad come to know that a new surah (Chapter) start?

Ans: When the angel Geb-rial recited Bismillah at the start of recitation, the Prophet learnt that the new surah had started. Similarly, the Prophet differentiated between the two chapters of the Holy Quran.

5. Who taught the method of Salah (Namaz) to the Holy Prophet?

Ans: The angel Geb-rial taught the Holy Prophet how to perform Salah. According to Abu Huraira; the Prophet said, “The angel Geb-rial taught me the method of offering prayer. He stood up and said Takbeer for us. And he started reciting Bismillah in every prayer.”

6. Does the prayer become FASID, if you do not read Bismillah ayat before Alhamd sharif?

Ans: Yes, the prayer becomes FASID without this ayat before Alhamd sharif. According to Abu Huraira, one day a person said prayer without Bismillah. He read Tauz and then Alhamd. At that moment, the Prophet told his prayer had become FASID.

7. What did Hazrat Ameer Mauviah steal from the prayer in Madina?

Ans: Hazrat Ameer Mauviah led the prayer in Madina. Then, he did not recite Bismillah before Alhamd sharif (Surah Fatiha). Moreoever, he did not said Takbeer before prostration. When he finished the prayer. People of Madina said, “Ameer Muaviah you stole from the prayer”. Next time, he did not miss that.

8. Where did the angel Geb-rial lead the Prophet in prayer? Define its significance.

Ans: The angel Geb-rial lead the Prophet in prayer before Kaaba in Mecca. He recited the Bismillah with loud voice.

9. Is Bismillah one of the names of Allah (God)?

Ans: Once, Hazrat Usman asked about the Bismillah from the Prophet. He replied, “Bismillah is one of the names of Allah. And the difference between the Bismillah and Allah great name looks like of white and black color of an eye”.

10. How did Hazrat Issa (Prophet Jesus) explain the meaning of Bismillah?

Ans: Hazrat Maryam took the Prophet Jesus to a teacher. The teacher asked the Prophet Jesus to write Bismillah. He asked the teacher about the meaning. However, he could not explain.

So, the Prophet Jesus explained, “Albaa meaning Bahaa Allah, Seen meaning his praise and Meem meaning his state”. Therefore, Allah is God of all the gods.

11. What is the meaning of Alrahmaan and Alraheem?

Ans: According to Prophet Jesus, Alrahmaan is the meaning of Alrahmaan of this world and doomsday. Similarly, Alraheem means the Raheem on the day of Judgement.

12. What happened to the Satans when Bismillah descended from the Heaven?

Ans: The clouds on the sky moved toward the East. The wind stopped. All the animals became silent and started listening to the voice. Whereas, stones were thrown on the devils (satans).

13. What benefits Bismillah would give believer from the Hell?

Ans: Ibn e Masood said, “Whoever wants that Allah should give him custody from 19 angels of Hell, should recite Bismillah”. In addition to it, Allah would give Heaven in return of each word of Bismillah.

14. Describe the strange incident took place at the time of descendance of Bismillah in Mecca.

Ans: Mountains around the Mecca started praising Allah in the loud voice. Their voice created fear in the people of Mecca. So, the Prophet said that whoever recited Bismillah, would not listen to the voice of Mountains.

15. Does the Prophet Muhammad call idols during Bismillah?

Ans: The Holy Prophet used to recite Bismillah ayat in loud voice in Mecca. However, this cast a doubt in the minds of people of Mecca.

Because they called Alrehman to the god of Yamama. Therefore, the people of Meccas asked the Prophet, “Do you allude to Yamama’s god?”

Ant this point the Prophet ordered to recite Bismillah in low voice. Hence, it is still a tradition.

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