Two Girls Expels From College Due to Playing Blue Whale Game

Due to playing blue whale game, the two girls expelled from the college

These two girls were studying in class 11 & 12 at the government degree college, Pind Dahan Khan in Jhelum.

Meanwhile, Raheela Chandni, the principle of the college told that she got a tip from one her of students. She saw the two girls and assumed that they are playing the game.

The administration called the girls in question along with their parents.

The colleges’ students¬†complaint with the administration informing that two girls had whale carvings on their arms using knives and they definitely commit suicide after reaching the last level of blue whale game.

Check the background of the blue whale game

The game developed by a Russian Hacker who said that depressed people are a dead weight to the society.

When you installed, the game scans your data and offer you challenges to complete. The final stage committed the suicide.

In addition, the game takes control of your emotions this is the reason you become addicted to this game and continue playing this game. In addition, the game targets the young people because they can easily influence.

Blue whale events in Pakistan

The game made its way in the Pakistan. According to the DR. Imran,  a psychiatrist at Peshawar Khyber, said that two young boys approached me to a victim of the game.  The boy very lucky who consult the doctor and they realized them it could end of your life.

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