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Articles here will be on different topics including science subjects for example physics, chemistry and botany. There will information available on history and emerging sciences.

The Muslim God View As Shaped By The Holy Books

The Muslim view of God is a result of a Muslim's view of the holy books of Allah. This is both good news and...

What Is The Importance Of Anglo Saxon Period To Modern Society

The early English period called the Anglo Saxon period (450-1050) of the Old English period.Anglo Saxon poetryAnglo Saxon poetry shows the temperature and character...

Significance of Elizabethan age (1558-1603)

The Elizabethan age known as the golden of literature extends from Elizabeth in 1558. It is the age of prosperity and great creation. Moreover,...

Importance Of Renaissance Period In Europe

The renaissance is the fresh word that means re-birth and reawaking. This is a period of great illuminating in the life of humanity. Moreover, it...

Paraphrasing “on His Blindness” poem of Milton

Paraphrasing on his blindness Poem On his blindness is one of the best sonnets of the john Milton. The sonnet first published in Milton’s 1673 poems....

Why Linguist Is The Scientific Study Of Natural Language

Linguist is the scientific study of natural language. Linguistic covers a number of sub-fields. Moreover, the Linguistics is the study of grammar, structure, and pragmatic.GrammarIs defines...
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