Change Formate Pfdc Sunsilk Fashion Week 2017

As the PFDC prepares their Sunsilk fashion week of March in Lahore, the council produces the fashion industry evolves show structure. The council develops the new platform towards the global standard.

Further, The Council has created an expert team from the UK. This team specializes in choreography, sound, and design.

Meanwhile, The council developed London base Mustang productions, headed by the sadia siddiqui. He will create PFDC Sunsilk fashion week 2017. Moreover, the council will be make a global diversity of models. 

Similarly, the council also created a structural change in the show format.  whereby each of four days will design into the range of either duo or solo, high street retail or lawn. The shows divided between two separate show spaces within the same venue. The show is selective and dedicated to the audience.

The PDFC grow fashion week into the best platform as comparing more independent showcase. The council created a new trend for Pakistani people.

Sheyr saigol said we pleased to take new standard fashion as we bring an international team. The international expert’s team creates a new design.  we perform work with the latest standard which is the further business of fashion. we work on the definition of a new way.