1. The early childhood is

Ans: The age of toys


2. A child is said not be being gifted if he has

Ans: Poor relationship with peers


3. Which thinking does not require the language of words?

Ans: Imaginative thinking


4. When a child fails, it means.

Ans: The system has failed


5. In the pedagogy, the emphasis shifts from teaching to learning.

Ans: adopting child-centered pedagogy


6. If a child uses his left hand to write, the teacher should.

Ans: Allow to continue writing so


7. Inclusive education is the one which shows in the classroom.

Ans: Diversity in the Classroom


8. Which one of the following is the objective question?

  1. Short answer 2. Open ended question 3. Essay type question

Ans: True and false


9. Write a feature of progressive education.

Ans: Frequent tests and examinations


10. A child who belongs to backward family or background from cultural viewpoint, if admitted in your school, then.

Ans: Keep him normal class along and make arrangements to meet his needs


11. Critical pedagogy firmly believes that

Ans: The experiences and perceptions of learners are important


12. A teacher who sets a question paper checks whether the questions could test the testing objectives. Furthermore, he will see.

Ans: Coverage of content


13. A school-based assessment is primarily based on the principle.

Ans: The teachers know the capabilities of students more than any external examiner.


14. Learners display individual differences. So, a teacher should be.

Ans: A man with variety of learning experiences


15. Give an example of a principle of development.

Ans: It does not proceed with the same speed for all


16. Human development is divided into domains such as

Ans: Psychological, Cognitive, Emotional and Physical


17. A teacher uses fruits and vegetable pictures and holds a discussion on the nutrition. The students respond using their background. This approach is based on

Ans: Construction of Knowledge


18. When the grandmother of a child takes him away from the mother’s lap, the child cries because of

Ans: Separation anxiety


A teacher might know what is going on in classroom through

Ans: Observation


When, what, why and how are the tasks included in

Ans: Education psychology


The development of curriculum is effected by the forces of

Ans: Foundation of curriculum


Philosophy and curriculum are related to the question

Ans: What is the purpose of life?


Ideas in the curriculum show the

Ans: Foundation of curriculum


Psychological Foundation relates to needs and interests of

Ans: The students


Sociological foundations speak about

Ans: The society


The main object of subject centered designs is

Ans: Content


Development in the child is marked by the change in his

Ans: Character and qualities


Who gave single factor theory of intelligence?

Ans: Alfred Binet


Gardner is the father of the theory of

Ans: Multiple intelligence


The nature and pattern of the organization of the elements in the curriculum are discussed under

Ans: Curriculum design


Curriculum design also deals with the framework of action for preparing

Ans: Curriculum


One beauty of the subject centered curriculum is

Ans: Knowledge is compartmentalized


Subject centered curriculum has a characteristic of

Ans: Prior planning


In which curriculum the explanatory methods are made use

Ans: Subject centered curriculum


Subject centered curriculum is the modification of

Ans: Broad field curriculum


What is the demerit of Subject centered curriculum?

Ans: Rote learning


In Subject centered curriculum the teacher training is

Ans: Less emphasized


Activity centered curriculum is based on the thinking of

Ans: John Dewey


What planning is not possible in Activity centered curriculum?

Ans: Prior planning


Which curriculum is recommended for primary classes?

Ans: Integrated curriculum


In which curriculum the number of books decrease?

Ans: Integrated curriculum


Horizontal organization means the relationship of different concepts

Ans: At one level


Does BISE concern with teacher training?

Ans: No


Curriculum evaluation means

Ans: Making value judgment about curriculum





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