Donald Trump affairs with porn star and girlfriends

Donald Trump affairs with porn star and girlfriends

Donald Trump affairs with many women have come to the limelight these days. He has married three times in his life.

So, president of the United States of America has three wives and five girlfriends so far.

However, the life story of affairs captured public when a porn star claimed her relationship with Donald Trump. Stormy Daniels claimed that she had sexual encounter with president in 2006.

donald trump affairs

Most importantly, Mr Trump got married to his current wife Melania the same year (2006). However, president Trump has denied the accusation.

Furthermore, the writer of a book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump Daniels” has made allegations. He has defined Donald Trump as a serial philanderer.

The billionaire businessman supposed to have relationship with string of unsuspecting ladies.

President Donald Trump has married three women so far. The names of his wives include Ivana Trump, Marla Maples and Melania Trump.

Donald Trump celebrated his first marriage with Ivana. The pair became parents to three children Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric. The marriage continued from 1977 to 1992.

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Surprisingly, Ivanka claimed that she deserved to be the first lady.

Whereas, Ivanka has appeared in a film “First Wives Club”. She advises women to divorce their husbands instead of living with them.

Secondly, Marla Maples and Donald Trump married from 1993 to 1999. And they raised one daughter, Tiffany Trump.

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Marla claimed that she has best sex with him. However, she denied the statement later on.

Donald Trump tied his knot with Melania in 2005. The couple dated many years before marriage. They have one child, Barron.

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Also, Mr Trump could not faithful to Melania. The couple has slept in different beds many times.

Donald Trump affairs include many girlfriends.

The US president has five girlfriends. The names enlist Kara Young, Kylie Bax, Rowanne Brewer Lane, Gabriela Sabatini and Allison Giannini.

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Trump dated with a model Kara Young from 2001. Similarly, he dated another model Kylie Bax in 1995. Ms Bax has defended him against claims of sexual harassment.

Rowanne Brewer Lane enjoyed short-lived relationship with Trump. She was a model as well.

A tennis player Gabriela Sabatini dated with him in 1989. The pair remained with each other for one month only.

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Allison Giannini is another name in the list of girlfriends. She dated Trump in 1997.

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In addition to it, Candice Bergen who is Emmy-winning actress went on a date with Trump in 1960s. A TV star and model Anna Nicole Smith also hooked up with him.

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Similarly, singer-songwriter Carla Bruni dated Trump in 1991. She is now wife of French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

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