Eastenders Fans Shocked After Devastating Bus Crash


EastEnders fans lookout in shock as a double-decker bus crash in the Albert square while Monday nights.

This is clear in the EastEnders episode that the driver of the crash bus had the heart attack before losing control of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, cliffhanger now leaves the lives of the 11 of the TV series’ characters.

Everything goes in its path, the bus attaches with bridge and headed towards the queen Vic Pub.

Still, there are various characters that are in risk in which include are Denise Fox, Keegan, Bex Fowler, Shakil Kazemi and Louise Micthell, who were on the bus.

According to the viewers, it reminds of the terrorist atrocities of the last year.

Just like that in 2016 July, An HGV crashed into people on the resort of Nice. There are almost 86 people leaves their life.


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