Fasting in Islam according to Sunnah

fasting in Islam

How to fasting in Islam accroding to Sunnah

Ibn umar nay bayan kia ky Hazart Muhammad nay youm e Ushoora ka roza rakha tha aur AAP nay is ky rakhnay ka Sahaba ko ibtadaye islam me hokum dia tha. Jab ramzan ky rozay faraz ho gaye to Usoor ka roza bator faraz chor dia gaya. Abdullah bin Umar Ushoor ky din roza no rakhtay thay magar jab un kay rozay ka din hi Ushoora aan parta.

Yahoodi (Jews) 10th Muharram waly din roza rakhty hen. Is liay Aap nay Muslims ko do (two) din yani 9 or 10th Muharram ko roza rakhnay ka hokum dia. Ta ky Muslims ka amal yahoodion jaisa na ho.


Hazart Muhammad’s fasting in Ramzaan. Hazart Muhammad ramzan me teen (three) cheezon ka izafa kar detay.

  1. Ibadat ko barha detay, halan ky aam dino me ap ky paon me waram ajata tha.
  2. Allah ki raah me dil khol kar Sadqah or khirat karty
  3. Zaar o qitar ro ro kar duaen mangtay



Narrated Ibn Umar The Prophet observed the Saum (fast) on the 10th of Muharram (Ashura), and ordered (Muslims) to observe Saum (fast)  on that day, but when the fasting of the month of Ramdan was prescribed, the fasting of the Ashura was abandoned. Abdulla did not use to observe fast on that day unless it coincided with his routine fasting by chance.

Therefore, every muslim should observe fast on 9th and 10th Muharram.

Muslims used to observe fast on the 10th Muharram. They were bound to observe fast for two consecutive days, in addition of 9th Muharram. Jews used to observe fast on the 10th Muharram. Because of Jews the Muslims had to fast for two days.

Fasting in Islam according to Sunnah

Most of all, The Prophet Muhammad way of fasting in Ramzaan. The Prophet Muhammad used to do three things in ramzan due to importance.

  1. Increase in Ibadat more than usual
  2. Give charity graciously in the way of Allah (the God)
  3. Pray with weeping and wailing

Hence, One has to act upon the Prophet Sunnah in ramzan. One should increase ibadat, give charity more and pray with weeping as a result.


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