First Digital Pill reveals patient medicine cheating

First Digital Pill reveals patient medicine cheating

First digital pill reveals whether the patient suffering from schizophrenia has taken the medicine or not. Furthermore, the pill shall prove effective for acute treatment of manic.

According to FDA, the pill produces good results for treating mixed episodes associated with bipolar I disorder. Furthermore, doctors can use the pill for use as an add-on for depression in adults.

A message from the sensor in first digital pill transmits information to a mobile application. Moreover, the patients can track the ingestion of their medicine via smartphone.

However, the patients with dementia-related psychosis cannot use the pill. Because, such patients with antipsychotic drugs already show increased risk death.

Following pic shows the ingestible sensor used in Abilify MyCite pill. FDA has approved this as the first digital pill that patients can intake.

digital pill 1

Otsuka Pharmaceutical C. Ltd has developed a drug by the name of Abilify for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression. Also, this first digital pill contains a tracking device which the Proteus Digital Health has developed.

The system helps doctors to measure whether the patients are swallowing their pills on schedule or not.

Therefore, the pill provides the objective way of monitoring medicine compliance. It will prove effective in other therapeutic areas.

The sensor in digital pill has does not have battery or antenna. It gets activated from stomach juices. In fact, the juices completes a circuit between coatings of copper and magnesium.

All this generates a tiny electric charge. As a result, the information shall travel to smartphone.

In the longer term, such digital pills shall also be used for patients suffering from diabetes or heart conditions.

Many a know company, including Novartis AG, Otsuka, St, Jude Medical Inc and Medtronic Inc have agreed to make great investments for the pill preparation.

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