First Orange Line Metro Arrived In Lahore

The orange line metro train is one of the good projects of the public interest.  The train offers modern transportation facilities to a common man of today.

The train has the capacity to transport almost 500 people at just one time.

Orange train route will run from Ali town to scheme Mor,  MAO, Mall road, and railway station. Moreover, you can easily travel Garhi Bridge to GT Road and UET to Dera Gojran.

The first 27 trains designed for Orange Line Metro reached Lahore in July this year. The train will hand by the Chinese company to Punjab government and other will reach at the end this year.

Moreover, the train with the five coaches designed for the 25.58 km orange line.

The train provides lots of facilities for passengers like air conditioning system, high summer temperature and unstable voltage in Pakistan according to engineers.

Moreover, the design is the combination of national flower of Pakistan and shape of dome of the Badshahi Mosque.

Before making this train, the china and Pakistan made agreement to make the orange line system lien system in Lahore.


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