Flying cars fly next year at cost 90, 000

Flying cars fly next year at cost 90, 000

Flying cars will go on roads and fly in the next year. These cars can travel at a speed of up to 200 miles per hours.

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Samson Motors is the company which has designed these cars. They claim that these will be the world’s first flying sport cars.

On the roads, these car will travel with a speed up to 200 miles per hours. However, they can attain the height of up to 13, 000 ft.

These seem to be the future cars. And people can buy them for 90, 000 pounds.

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Most importantly, these cars can turn into a flying aircraft with ease. For this, the driver has to just use a switchable function. And the car will transform from normal to flying mode.

These cars have wings that could easily move under the body, after the flight.

Therefore, after a flight, the sports car changes its mode and returns to normal car. The wings of the car can easily swing safely stowed and protected.

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These cars provide side-by-side seating for two passengers. Moreover, they can carry luggage of 50 pounds.

These have wide cabin with a power to weight ratio of a 2017 Corvette.

In addition to it, these cars remain stable on the roads. Because, they include in their design an Italian-inspired clean shape. Which produce a down-force in gusty wind conditions.

Hence, these cars depict more stability in spite of their light weight.

Adding further, the wings of the cars make you fly the plane off the runway. Because, the designers have set them at such a correct angle.


Similarly, you can feel comfortable at the time of landing. It is again for this set up.

However, people need a private pilot’s liscence to fly these cars. In addition to it, you also need to have full driving liscence.

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Most importantly, these car do not have only one types. You can have these cars in three versions. The Snowbird, for colder climates. The Trek, for heavy-duty landing. And the Aurora, this is combination of the Snowbird and Trek.

According to spokesperson for Samson said, “You can drive the Switchblade to any public airport to take off and landing”.

Nevertheless, you can use the private airport where you have privileges.

In fact, the company wants to make the car more environmentally friendly.

Similarly, the company has already finished hybrid and electric drive layouts. However, the systems depend on an appropriate battery solution.

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