Four Muharram Yazid asked Imaam Hussain for Bait

Four Muharram marks the true reason of the martyrdom of Imaam Hussain and his companions.

On this day of the Holy month of Muharram, ruler of KUFA sent a harbinger to Imaam Hussain. Actually, he wanted Imaam to accept his Caliphate.

Four Muharram Yazid asked Imaam Hussain for Bait

Yazid asked the Imaam Hussain for his bait of Caliphate on the fourth day of Muharram indirectly.

Umar bin Saad reached the land of Karbala on the said day. He sent a man to Imaam Hussain in Karbala to fulfill the purpose.

The man got into the tent of the great Imaam Hussain. Then, he asked the Imaam, “Why have you come to the Karbala and what do you want?”

In fact, Ibn e Zayaad had sent Umar bin Saad to Imaam hussain for negotiation. But Umar bin Saad sent harbinger to the tent of the Imaam.

However, Imaam Hussain replied to the harbinger, “The people of KUFA has written letters to me. They invite me to come to them.”

Imaam Hussain guessed the intention of the man asking for the reason. Therefore, he added in his reply.

In addition to his first reply, Imaam said, “The people of KUFA do not need me anymore, I might return now”.

The harbinger took the message of the Imaam and got back to Umar bin Saad. He conveyed Imaams’ reply to Umar.

Ibn e Zayaad was the governor of KUFA at the time when Imaam reached the Karbala. He came to know the answer of the Imaam through Umar.

Governor of the KUFA became angry on Imaam reply. He wrote to Umar and said, “I sent you to Imaam Hussain so that you could convince him to caliphate of Yazid.”

You should have made the Imaam agree on the bait of Yazid as Muslims Caliph. I did not mean the negotiation you did with him.

KUFA governor made it final. He said,  “Therefore, if you find Imaam accepting the bait of Yazid as Muslims Caliph. It is fine. Otherwise wage a war against him.”



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