German Chancellor says “New Vote” No majority for country decision

German Chancellor says “New Vote” No majority for country decision

German Chancellor has said, “She would prefer new elections. New Elections lead a majority government.” Because the coalition talks have gone failed.

Hence, the country has plunged into a political crisis.

Despite the failure in negotiations, she did not see any reason to make a resign against her post.

The situation got to crisis when the FDP liberals pulled out of talks on Sunday. Therefore, Mrs Merkel had to call her CDU/CSU bloc and the Greens to reconsider their attitudes.

This is the major issue she is facing over the twelve (12) years as chancellor.

As a result, she has spoken the situation being “very sceptical” about minority government. She thinks “new elections would be the better path”.

She has come up with the very words “New Vote”.

Most importantly, German Chancellor feels the Germany needed stability and a government, “that does not need to seek a majority for every decision”.

But she is still hoping for betterment regarding the situation.

Responding to a question she has said, “She would wait to see what came of upcoming talks between President Steinmeir and SPD leaders”.

Again she says, “It would not be positive for new coalition to start with a demand for her resign”.

If the country needs fresh elections, the President Mr Steinmeier should make a call for it.

Merkel urged the SPD to reconsdier the situation. Therefore, she says, “I would hope that they consider very intensively if they should take on the responsibility”.

In addition to it, German Chancellor call to “New Vote” would enable the minority to rule the country.

As a result of minority government, the anti-islam, anit-immigrant sentiment would likely to prevail. However, most of the parties wish to avoid such things come to limelight.

Just see what the fresh polls bring.


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