German Town with 72, 000 tons of diamonds

German Town with 72, 000 tons of diamonds

German Town with 72, 000 tons of diamonds? Yes, it is true to say that one of the town in Germany can show all these diamonds.

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In fact, many of the people do not know the reality of these diamonds. Which seem a blessing from the Heaven for the local residents.

When somebody happens to climb the narrow staircase of the gothic church tower in Nordlingen (Germany), he would see glimmers. Most surprisingly, one can see it in the daylight.

German town 2

Actually, the entire tower is made out of Suevite stone. This stone enclosed in it very large number of small diamonds.

The stone has survived to the day because of the small size of the diamonds, the local sometime joke.

Even the buildings in the city have been made with gem-laden stone. That’s why, this German city does not match with any of the town in the world.

german town 3

In addition to it, everything within the city wall is made from the asteroid impact rock, one resident talks.

However, many of the locals did not know about these diamonds in their structure. They came to know of it most recently.

This city can impact the country economy with very long lasting impacts. Therefore, it has come out as a huge tidings for the nation.

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But the question is, how did these diamonds come out of the rocks.

An asteroid hit the region about 15 million years ago. And it left behind a nine-mile crater at the site of Nordlingen.

This crater’s rock contains glass, diamonds, crystals and other debris. Another study has revealed that gemstones formed when asteroid collided with the Earth.

german town 5

Even today, one can see various asteroid specimen and diamonds on display in the city.

Nevertheless, Nordlingen has not stood the only town with diamonds. You can easily find suevite buildings in Berlin and Munich as well.

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