Get perfect information about Eiffel Tower


Construction begins: January 28, 1887

Construction time: 2 years, 2 months, 5 days

Opened: March 31, 1889

Height: 300 meters

Floors: 3

Architects: Stephen Sauvestre and Gustave Eiffel


Beginning of Eiffel Tower

France decided to celebrate the 100 years anniversary of the French Revolution in a memorable way. For the purpose, an Exposition Universelle (World’s Fair) hosted in Paris in 1889. It made out a headstone to be built on the Champ-de-Mars, a place believed to place in central Paris, to serve the fair’s entrance. Moreover, the tower made for twenty years and was scrapped in 1909. Recognizing the importance, the tower repairs later on.

In addition, different plans made by different engineers for this tower. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel’s company, Eiffel et Compagnie, won the competition. Meanwhile, the design put forward by the engineer named Maurice Koechlin.

Meanwhile, the final design of Eiffel Tower includes 18,000 pieces of puddle iron and 2.5 million rivets. Moreover, the tower made in two years with the hundreds of workers. After made of a tower, a broadcasting aerial added at the top in 1957.

Importance of Eiffel Tower

In Word War 1, the tower became a tool for radio communications and related zeppelin alerts.In World War 2, the tower was lucky to flee the Hitler’s order of its ruin.  Nazis climb the stairs when French troops cut the Eiffel Tower crane cables.

Moreover, in 1911, the Physicist Theodor Wulf made an experiment of Cosmic Rays. He used an electrometer at the top and the base of the tower to detect the change in the effects of higher levels. The first public radio program launch through it in 1925.

The Tower has three floors. The restaurants take place on the first and second floor. moreover,  The printing press put in on the second floor where a daily paper made. Furthermore, the third floor is the wide platform serving as observe place.

In 1889, a meteorological laboratory was set up the top of the tower, having a weather station, barometers, thermometers, psychrometers and wind gauges.  The 300 steps of start from ground to its first floor. on the other hand, It has four square bases measuring 125 meters each side.  however, It paints every seven years. About 500 employees look after of the tower.

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