Importance Of Renaissance Period In Europe

The renaissance is the fresh word that means re-birth and reawaking. This is a period of great illuminating in the life of humanity. Moreover, it was a period of a cult of beauty, the beauty of woman the beauty of literature as well as the beauty of art. The renaissance began in Italy in the 14th century of European civilization.

According to the Tillyard “renaissance was the manifestation of the new life after the cramping restraints and withering of the middle age. Moreover, Renaissance shows the whole transition from the middle age to the modern world.


This was the spirit of renaissance humanism which raised poetry. However, the bleakness of Chaucerian period is over. Moreover, in the time period of Wyatt and surrey and Sir Philip Sidney English poetry is interesting to develop into the music.

Sir Thomas Wyatt and surrey

These two poets go to Italian for remade the English poetry book that contains their song called “Tottle’s Miscellany” bearing the name of its publisher. The important work of the Wyatt include are

Forget not yet

The lover appeal

Awake my lute

in addition, He introduced the term which includes Octa Rima. This is great work of the Elizabeth age. Meanwhile, pinto says “lyric poetry with courtly is to achieve such great thing in Elizabethan age.  This seems to be Wyatt who has discovered the secret.

Thomas Sackville

He was a great humanist whose contribution to English poetry which he wrote for the mirror of magistrates. Moreover, His imaginative energy impressed of great poets who were his followers.


The poet of the early renaissance consists largely of translations. The prose writers of this period were educationists rather than a creative writer.

The Educationists

Desiderius Erasmus

He renowned scholar and his “praise of wholly” is written in Latin, translated into the English language.

Sir Thomason More (1418-1535)

He wrote the history in English . furth moreover, He translated afterward in 1551 by Ralph Robinson. Moreover, its content was inspired by Plato’s dream of an ideal state, revealed in The Republic.

Roger ascham

He was great author and he was the tutor of queen Elizabeth. He dedicated his first work Taxophilus and school of shooting to the king.

Sir Thomas Elyot (1490-1546)

similarly, like others, he was governor on moral education. His prose is less spontaneous than more writers of this age.

Sir Jhon Check (1514-57)

He was teacher Greek art at Cambridge. Moreover, his most famous work is the heart of sedition that is full of the humanism.

The Reformers

The reformers did memorable work for the development of English language. as a result, They prepared work for the Elizabeth writers with its version of the bible.

Sir john Tyndale (1484- 1536)

He is famous in the history of English is the translation of the bible and book of common prayers. Tyndale persecuted and put to death in 1535. His translation of the bible completed by his friend miles Coverdale in1535.

Thomas cranner

His English book is the deal mix of Latin words. Moreover,  his style weak and heavy because the prose is sonorous due to the power struggle.


His sermon on the ploughers and other delivered in 1549 and in 1522 wrote in the plain. hence,  his shrew style and its humor directness made him a first preacher of the day.

Due to increase practice, there is a growing perception of the beauties of cadence, Rhythm, in the purely formal sense. There is the appearance of prose paragraph arose in this age.


This period marks the real beginning of English drama. Seneca has affected the development of the English. Moreover, the classical drama has five acts. 


 Similarly, Nicola Udal’s ralph roister Dositer is the first English comedy of the classical school that divided into the scenes and acts. The origin of the term is found from in ancient theaters. 

 Grammar  Guardian’s needle

This written by the unknown writer and it is the comedy of the classical styles and this is realist touches. The origin of the term are found from in ancient Greece in time

Chronical history

Moreover, alien classical tragedy arose a healthier in the historical plays.  They arose Early historical plays like The Troublesome Reign of John, King of England and Tragedy of Richard the Third. Moreover, The most Famous plays are Victories of Henry the Fifth and The Chronicle History of Lear.



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