India Defending Champions Australia in the Women’s World Cup Final

India defending champions in the world cup knockout cricket. They will finally play a tournament on Sunday.

Australia set 282 to win, got off to bad start as they lost 3 wickets despite the opening three overs.

However, this is very excellent hitting from Elyse Villani, she records her best ODI of 75, the left of the team doesn’t make the required run and them out just on  245 along with balls to spare.

Kaur makes her third ODI century, which came off only 115 balls and included seven sixes as well as 20 fours.

Moreover, kaur, 28 who scored hundred outside of India, get the name of the match.

India has won all four group stage matches they contested at Derby.

The match closed to 42 overs due to heavy rain until 13: 45 pm.

In addition, kaur and Raj took on the role of aggressor and made steady progress. Kaur continued to attack requiring 26 balls to make her half century.

Villain kept Australia with a commanding 75 off 58 but leaving, slow Rajeshwari Gayakwad to Manhana, ended those hopes.

Ellyse Perry became the tournament’s top scorer during her 38 but guided Pandey to wicketkeeper Sushma Verma to quick a ruin.



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