iPhone discounts $200-$300 for Black Friday

iPhone discounts $200-$300 for Black Friday

iPhone discounts $200-$300 for Black Friday. The company gives rarely any discount. But this time, they really have made a big offer.

However, a few of the big stores have made this offer for their customers. They have turned the day into Thanksgiving shopping holiday.

Waltmart puts a big show with the best deal so far. The store offers $300 off for the coveted iPhone X. They make it in the form of a gift card.

iPhone X starts at $999. Also, iPhone 8 and 8Plus and last year’ s 7 with 7 Plus have the same price. Similarly, they have the same discounts.

However, you need to sign a two-year lease deal with wireless carriers AT&T or Verizon.

Target and Best Buy’s Black present specials iPhone discounts for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models. In addition to it you get $250 gift card from them. But both require service with Verizon, AT&T or Sprint.

Furthermore, The Best Buy has made the offer both in-store and online from Thursday to Saturday. Whereas, Target wants its customers to come into the store to pay.

The customers has to activate service right on the spot. And the offer is available till Saturday.

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The iPhone X, being the most expensive and up to date, quickly sold. The Phone got out of stock just within two days.

According to the Apple website, the phone shows a two-to-three week backlog for deliveries.

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The version iPhone 8 and 8 Plus differs from 7 and 7 Plus with following features. iPhone 8 has primarily a stronger processor, glass back. Also, it has the ability to do wireless charging and incremental camera upgrades.

The Walmart $300 gift card offer brings the prices of the iPhone 7 and 7Plus down to $249 and $369. The prices of such phones normally range from $549 to $699.

Similarly, Amazon makes matches for many of the big-box Black Friday offers. However, e-tailer doesn’t sell iPhones, so, no iPhone discounts.

T-moblie kicks off its Black Friday promotion to join the race this week. It has made a two-for-one offer on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, 7 and 7Plus. In turn you get up to $700 rebate on second device.

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Just like this, Samsung Galaxy has come up with $820 back on second device for S8, S8 Active, S8+ or Note 8.

Meanwhile, the store get you additional savings. They offer trade-ins. For example, Target offers $310 for a good condition  iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple stages a Black Friday traditionally at company stores. However, the company has not yet announced the prices for iPhone discouts.

The big box stores offer major discounts on Note 8 phones, Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ etc.


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