Jawad Ahmed new song “Hum hain Naujwan” released

Jawad Ahmed new song “Hum hain Naujwan”

Jawad Ahmed new song “Hum Hain Naujwan” released

Famous POP singer Jawad Ahmed new song “Hum Hain Naujwan” has been released. He has announced the release of his song on Wednesday.

Jawad Ahmed highlights the features of his new song. He declares the song based on gender equality. In the new song focuses on the class distinction and collection of taxes. He also speaks about the money of the tax to be used for the benefit of the people.

The young singer, actually, has made a documentary film bearing title Neo-Liberalism on Education and Gender.

Jawad Ahmed new song “Hum Hain Naujwan” depicts misuse of wealth in Pakistan.

Jawad Ahmed documentary film

Through the new song and documentary film, Jawad Ahmed has called for the proper use of tax money on social developmental projects.

Addressing to the conference at the Press Club in Lahore, Jawad Ahmed urges the Government to remove class distinction in the social structure of Pakistan.

He said, “The current system of tax collection in the country is complex and unjust. The system is working for the interest of the rich and exploiting the middle class.”

This is the reason that has made the society broken and shattered into class categories.

Jawad Ahmed new song “Hum Hain Naujwan” has showed in the video of the song, the rulers policy of privatization. Pakistan ruler elite is privatizing basics needs of Education, Health and other Rights.

Jawad Ahmed said, “Maltreatment of Pakistani politician has resulted in increasing number of the private education institution and heavy fees in this regard.

He talks about the health system in the country. He said that the privatization of healthcare system would affect the poor.

Jawad Ahmed demanded the government to raise the living standard of the common people. The singer also stressed to improve the taxation system of the country.

The famous pop singer of the country is working for the poor. He has for long been trying to help needy. He has started charity working in the country to help get out of the misery.


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