Lenovo Provide Excellent Android Experience On Its Phones

Lenovo handed on android os on smartphones over the years. It is more proffering of a Huawei and Samsung as compare a Motorola and Sony.

Now the company is developing no of news things to become more global smartphone shipment.

Moreover, it provides cleaner Vib UI to make it more useable device.

On the other hand, the other brand Motorola continued to offer perfect stock android on its phones along excellent additions plenty of apps & games.

Motorola is not quite successful like Lenovo that means Chinese devices finds lots of trouble. Moreover, there are lots of American brands phones that don’t make any good success.

The Chines dislike the stock UI?

One can think that Lenovo’s brand name and wider appeal of stock android mean that it enhances its success of chance. However, Chinese users prefer a custom skin.

The upcoming phone K8 note will first come with the stock android, Followed by the other phones in the future.

Lenovo will have other features like Dolby Atoms and TheaterMax that are not particularly to any OS. When it comes out, the phone will get access an update to android O.  This change will make it faster and retain it OS and support smartphones for long period of time

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