Lionel Messi got his legs broken two times?

Lionel Messi got his legs broken two times?

Lionel Messi got his legs broken two times? Well, yes his statue in Buenos Aires has gone vandalised for the second time.

The legs of Barcelona ace Lionel Messi’s statue cut. As a result, body part of the statue sprawled across the pavement on Costanera Sur.

However, the bronze statue suffered deface in the legs. His legs got chopped off above the ankles. Hence, the football managed its place in his feet on the floor.

Lionel Messi 1

Surprisingly, the authorities have not named any body responsible for this. So, it has come out as a mystery.

Messi has many achievements for Argentina. Most importantly, the star player took Argentina to 2018 World Cup. This happened when he scored a hat-trick against Ecuador.

The statue unveiled in June 2016. But, vandals had targeted it for second time. In fact, they hit the statue twice in a year.

Earlier, the statute was torn in January of this year. Nevertheless, the police said that the motive is not clear.

Lionel Messi 2

Moreover, the statues of other famous Argentine sports stars such as Gabriela Sabatini and Manuel Ginobili stood by the Lionel Messi’s.

Gabriela Sabatini has played tennis for the country. Whereas, Manuel Ginobili has played basketball for Argentina.

Contrary to other players, Messi has won four European Cups. In addition to it, he has won five Ballons d’Or and three Club World Cups. He has not won World Cup for Argentina.

Despite his achievement, the government has not done enough for the safety of the statue.

Otherwise, the star footballer possess only international honour an Olympic gold. He has won the gold at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

The statue of the Barcelona forward vandalised on Monday on Paseo de la Gloria. The bronze sculpture chopped off at the ankles left the body on the pavement.

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