Little Program Chinese App New Feature Introduced

Little Program Chinese app new feature is part of famous V-Chat. Chinese largest internet service provider company has introduced the new feature.

Chinese company T-Cent has come up with the new feature in the market. It says that the feature will make the app leading over the other apps.

The company chose the name Little Program because of facilities in the feature.

Little Program Chinese new app helps users to get the benefit of different features without download.

A user can enjoy all the services in the new feature without downloading each one by one. In addition to it, users once download the app and enjoy all the different services in the feature.

Little Program Chinese app new feature has a tremendous effect on users. Its users say that the app is easy to use. Most of all, Little Program Chinese app new feature is comparatively rich in services and convenient.

Furthermore, The new feature of the app has a unique aspect of paying service. Through the new feature, users will be able to make online payment of the money. So the feature will help buy things through the web.

There is no other application like this. It provides users with a facility to make payments online. It is the first on the internet app that makes users enjoy different services while making payments online at the same time.

Director of the Blue GOGO company WHON says that the company has paid special attention to make the application user-friendly.

It is interesting to learn that the Chinese users make use of multipurpose apps. Because of this, the Little Program Chinese app new feature proves shocking for other internet providing Chinese companies.

CEO of the TSCENT company OMA HUWA TANG says that the new feature will bring innovation in the internet system.

V-chat new feature has also improved the economics of the HongKong. The shares of the HongKong company have shown a fair raise in the price at stock market.


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