London cafe presents world’s first ‘selfieccino’ coffee

London cafe presents world’s first ‘selfieccino’ coffee

London cafe has taken lead to introduce people with a selfie coffee. The café provides customers a chance to sip on their own self-portraits.

In fact, a customer has to take a selfie and give it to the café. He gets a coffee cup upon the top of which his selfie portraits imprints.

Therefore, each time the customer does this, he takes a sip on his own self-portrait.

The Tea Terrace, has become the first café to deliver such coffee. The café has named this cup of coffee as ‘Selfieccino’.

Furthermore, the café wants to register this name ‘Selfieccino’ as their brand name. They are waiting just a raise in their sale.

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The Tea Terrace is located in Oxford Street. It claims the world’s first café servers branch which present such coffee.

And everybody likes an image of their face on the frothy topping of their drinks.

However, the producer for ‘Selfeccino’ order follows very simple lines. Patrons send their headshots to the barista via online messaging app.

As a result, they get a choice between a cappuccino and hot chocolate. Afterwards, the image is uploaded to the ‘Cino’ machine.

The drink lies just in a position under the machine where the image finds its impression in the cup. The machine scans the selfie picture and produces it onto the froth.

Nevertheless, the machine uses a flavorless food coloring to produce image onto the froth.  The whole process takes around four minutes.

In addition to it, the machine sends the scanned image to all points through social media before drinking.

At cafe, the customers can sip into their own face for 5.75 pounds. Also, over 400 customers have personalized their drinks by now.

The cafe has launched the ‘selfieccino’ on Saturday. The hash tag has gone viral on social media.

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