Meera shocked Mahira Khan Publicity Fame A Conspiracy

Lollywood queen Meera shocked Mahira Khan Publicity. Meera thinks the actress Mahira Khan is made famous with knowing intrigue. She lays blame that there is a lobby behind the publicity.

Meera looks the Mahira Khan’s fame as injustice to her. She says that it is not fair to cast Mahira in every film, TV drama and other Commercials. Mahira is not the only actress in the country to sign.

Meera work in LollyWood

I have dedicated twenty years of my life to the showbiz industry. Plenty of memorable characters I have performed in my life. Meera treats her performance as ever-lived one.

Meera shocked Mahira Khan because she is not being cast like Mahira.

A particular lobby is behind me, creating hindrance in my life. Meera is criticising the lobby further that she is not getting projects because of the plot against her.

Meera is against Mahira Khan for Zaalima filmĀ 

Zaalmia fame is doing conspiracy so Meera is against Mahira Khan.

Media fame queen Meera feels the new actress Mahira Khan is afraid of her talent. she says that she has challenged Mahira Khan in acting for many times.

Promoted actress cannot compete against born stars, Meera adds.

The industry is giving the new actress promotion against her so Meera is against Mahira Khan.

LollyWood fame Meera has long been trying to come up with big event. She is still on the edge to the industry. For a hallmark in the LollyWood, Meera tries to catch cheap fame.

Meera always talks about other actresses and even politicians. It seems the luck is not getting her way. Moreover, she is making every possible endeavour to remain alive in the media. However, she is not very much in the Social Media.

On the contrary, the actress Mahira Khan is reaching the new heights of fame. Her new film with Indian Actor Shahrukh is releasing very soon.

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