Meghan Markle closes down her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts

Meghan Markle closes down her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts

Meghan Markle closes has closed down her social media accounts. Kensington Palace has confirmed the action that Meghan has taken most recently.

However, the palace has said, “The former actress and UN ambassador was grateful to everybody who had followed her over the years”.

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Prince Harry’s fiancée took the decision herself. Since, she was not using those accounts for some time. In addition to that, she has also closed down her own website (The Tig).

Miss Meghan Markle had 1.9 followers on Instagram, 350,000 Twitter followers and 800, 000 likes on her Facebook page in December 2017.

Moreover, the star actress has completed her acting career with a carefully-curated Instagram page.

While using social media, she tweets her opinions very thoughtfully and intelligently. She has tweeted on food and plonk. Nevertheless, she shared very little about her personal life.

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Therefore, her fans had a little knowledge about the private life of their Hollywood star actress.

Markle has revealed about her closing down all social media accounts on a visit to Brixton radio station. She was accompanying with Prince Harry today.

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Crowds greeted the Prince Harry and Meghan during their visit to the community radio station Reprezent, in Brixton.

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Fans took photos of the couple and greeted them with tears in the eyes.

The royal couple chatted animatedly, laughed and made jokes to people from radio station.

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Although she has taken a drastic decision, yet she has decided to remain down-to-earth. Also, she will be a much more low-key royal compared to Prince William and Kate.

The Hollywood star Meghan did not post much on social media. Since many rumors started swirling concerning her engagement with royal family.

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As a result, she discontinued with her own blog in April 2017 earlier. However, the couple is going to marry in May this year.

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Is this a good decision?

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