Best Tips To Get Rid Of Milia Disease of Skin

Do you have tiny small whiteheads & pimples around your face, near eyes? If your answer is yes, they may call milia and not pimples.

What are milia

Milium cyst is just like white bump that is appearing on a face that is occurring near the nose and on the cheek. Moreover, It may call milk spots can consider as the medical name of the bumps on your face. The white color of a pimple also called stratum corneum.

Let’s see the main cause of

There is little common cause for of it but in lots of cases, the cause remains a mystery

-Changes in skin due to the prolonged contact

– Injury like poison ivy

-Any Allergic reactions

– Burning of the skin

-Skin resurfacing like dermabrasion

On which area milia occur?

Milia can find on the different area of the body





Back in the hands

How can remove with the home remedies

A milia cyst is so dangerous and they are very tiny, nobody notices it on your face. Meanwhile, If you find this tiny pimple, you can apply few home remedies to remove this pimple.

Exfoliate skin with facial sauna

Facial sauna is the perfect way to remove dead skins cells. Milia cysts are trap dead skin cells that help to clean your skin.  It will also provide help to kill the bacteria, remove oil and dirt from your skin. So that,  you may prevent acne, pimple etc.

Use honey as home remedies

Dry skin may have this disease. You may get irritated skin and allergies etc. honey is a perfect home remedy for dry skin’s pimple. Similarly, this absorbs moisture from the skin helps to keep your skin fresh. So, apply honey to get rid of it.

Sandal wood home remedy

Sandalwood is very effective for remove milia. This makes your skin flawless & fresh. This is a very effective remedy for sun damaged skin. Moreover, it helps you to remove itching as well as a skin infection.  This is antibacterial and helps to recover the acne. Make this scrub to remove of milia too.

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