Nine Muharram Ibn e Zayaad ordered to kill Imaam Husain

Nine Muharram morning comes out of the darkness of the eight Muharram. Everyone in the camp of Imaam Husain had become dead tired of hunger and thirst.

But the people of Ahl e Bait were zealous of embracing martyrdom under the leadership of Hazrat Imaam Husain. They showed their great devotion and love for the Imaam.

On ninth of Muharram, Shimar went ot KUFA. He raised objections over the attitude and approach of Umar ibn e Saad in the battlefield before Ibn e Zayaad.


Ibn e Zayaad got too angry on complaints against Umar ibn e Saad. As a result, he flew in rage over the circumstances in the land of Karbala.

He ordered to kill the Imaam Husain in a letter. Umar bin Saad started preparation for attack when he found the letter.

Hazrat Abbas informed to Imaam Husain about the suspected attack upon him and his companions. However, Imaam Husain did not lose heart.

Imaam Husain said, “The grandfather The Holy Prophet came to take me with Him in dream at night”. When Hazrat Abbas gave the message of the possible attack and war in the next morning.

Having come to know of the dream of Hazrat Imaam Husain, the people of in the tents of Imaam got aggrieved. Because they knew that Imaam Husain would be no more among them.

And they were going to have martyrdom by tomorrow.

Nevertheless, Imaam Husain asked for time to do Ibaadah (prayer) in the night. For this purpose Imaam sent Hazrat Abbas to get time for nine muharram.

In the night, Imaam Husain called all the people in his tents. Imaam husain reached the tent of Imaam in the night before tenth of Muharram.

Insar Husain got the good news of their martyrdom. Imaam told to his companions, “You all are going to embrace martyrdom by tomorrow at the hands of Yazid forces. Therefore anyone wants to leave, he may go”.

At this juncture Imaam said further, “I am going to put out the lamp, meanwhile, whoever wants may depart.”

In fact, no one wanted to leave the Imaam in the time of distress and grief.

So, when Imaam put on the light after a while again. He saw all his companions were standing by him. Not a single person left the tents on nine muharram.


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