Paraphrasing “on His Blindness” poem of Milton

Paraphrasing on his blindness Poem

On his blindness is one of the best sonnets of the john Milton. The sonnet first published in Milton’s 1673 poems. The most of the scholars believe the sonnet composed sometimes in 1655. This poem appears in the Trinity manuscript that believed to contain material written in 1631 to 1659. The sonnet is in the Petrarch form, along with the rhyme scheme a b b a a b b a c d e c d e.

Meanwhile, Milton regrets that he has lost his eye before reaching the middle age. This beautiful sonnet was written of Milton‘s grief as he lost his eyes at the middle age.

This man managed to become world- renowned composer despite beginning deaf. Similarly, in the story john Milton, who blind at age 44, so that is why his ability to write weak. as a result, his relationship with god became complicated.

Theme on his Blindness

Similarly, god judge’s humans on whether they labor for him or not. For an instant, one artist makes one pic or other artists make 5pics.Moreover,  If one artist becomes severely disable. He even cannot make a single artist, he remains worthy in the sight of God.  Milton says in the last lines of the poems with the help of word “patience” they serve who only wait. The purpose of the poem is to decide what person relationship with God or what his role on the earth.

Critical Analysis on his blindness

Milton’s is perhaps one of the most famous and one of the best Milton’s sonnets. This is a great sonnet has a noble theme with lofty tone. He said God bestow on me a poetic rare gift. If I don’t make use of it because of my blindness God, this would mean my mental spiritual death. He, therefore, does not lose heart or weep like an ordinary man. Milton afraid at the thought god may punish him for not using poetic talent.  On the other side, he realized that god does not need my service as well as he realized that god is neither thoughtless and nor poor. However, god consists in patience submission to his will. Milton is omnipotent, god is king of the kings and he has a countless servant and angle to carry God’s command order on land.

 poem describe the voice of a man who resigns himself just for the will of God. Through this sonnet, he broke down the grief the and despair. The poet was possessing lofty character. Milton does not weep like an ordinary man. The sonnet tells us that Milton became blind when he had run only half the race of his life.  He was only 44 he became totally blind. The sonnet repeats along with the abundant pathos.

 Beautiful sonnet solves an old age question. Is the question that does god need service of man? Milton uses the patience to solve this riddle. The answer is that who resign themselves unquestioningly to the wishes and will of the God are his best servants.

in addition, This poem is rich in noble sublime thought. He has used two very effective devices such as personification the and allegory. An allegory is a story in which characters, events, and situation. On the other side, personification is the technique, in which abstract concept, for example, hatred, jealousy, and love are repeated. In this sonnet, Milton uses patience as a personification that speaks to him from his dilemma. The sentence of the sestet begins in the line of the octave.  The octave is not neat as in an Italian sonnet.

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