Premier League first player charged with ‘successful deception of a match’

Premier League first player charged with ‘successful deception of a match

Premier League finds Oumar Niasse the first player who has got charge of “successful deception of a match official.

As the Premier League has introduced new rules to eliminate play-acting from the game. So, Oumar Niasse became the first victim of it.

However, Everton are fighting against losing its player. Oumar Niasse could be ban for diving during the game under the player.

Football Association has put the charge with the consultation of expert penal. And they believe Niasse has commited a “successful deception of a match official”.

Nevertheless, the club has made a confirmation that it will contest the charge. They do not want to lose Niasse under the new rules.

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Niasse won a penalty in the fifth minute against their opponent at Crystal Palace on Saturday. The match was at the 2-2 draw position at the time of penalty winning.

Premier League’s decision would affect the 27-year-old Niasse badly. As he would not be able to play for the club for two matches.

As a result, Niasse would likely to miss Everton’s trip to Southampton on Sunday. He would also not play in home game against West Ham.

All this will result, if an independent regulatory commission declares him guilty.

Dann said, “It is a poor decision, I got shocked the referee gave it”.

Similarly, Niasse has denied diving. He said, “I would have a shock, if I got charged”.

In addition to it, Niasse claimed, “I was running so quick that when I heard the contact, I got on the floor”.

According to Niasse the referee can give the penalty. I will understand. Because I went under the player for running.

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In fact, Premier League new rules caught three players for violation. Other than Niasse, Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva and Watford’s Richarlison, became the victim.

However, both the players escaped the charge last month.

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