Princess Kate Middleton never wears nail polish

Princess Kate Middleton never wears nail polish

Princess Kate Middleton never wears nail polish. However, she spends $ 37, 728 to maintain her beauty look.

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In spite of this, she never wears a color from rainbow collection of nail polish. She always looks simple and natural in her nails.

The mother-of-two, Princess Kate Middleton, not the only one to say “NO” to any color on nails. This is the royal wearing code.

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Kate Middleton belongs to the class of the people who hold the impression “prim and proper” for themselves. Therefore, she always come up impeccably groomed.

Furthermore, the princess uses to dress in the most polished dress, blouse or sweater that immediately sells out.

She uses Karin Herzog products worth $848 normally. Even the reflection that bounces off the hair looks like belong to shiny gold chandeliers in Kensigton Palace.

No one has ever captured a picture of the Duchess of Cambridge with a tinge of nail polish.

Because the colored nail polish does not belong to part of royal etiquette.

Duchess of Cambridge would hardly miss any of the beauty cosmetics in practice. However, nail polish colors fall into exception.

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Even on the wedding day, the princess Kate Middleton did not use any color nail polish. Instead, she put a request to choose pale pink polish to wear on her wedding day.

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Yes, Royal family allows only one color of nail polish for the Queen and the Princess. That is “classic pale pink polish”.

Since, bright, flashy nail colors during public events considered out of bounds in royal dress code.

In addition to it, the Royal family has prescribed a proper dress code for the Queen and the Princess. This also suggests no color nail polish.

And the Queen wears white gloves on her hands just because she has to meet the common people. Therefore, these gloves protect her from germs.

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Not to surprise, the girlfriend of the Prince Harry, has also started following the royal dress code.


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