Priyanka chopra wants to have lots of babies

Priyanka chopra wants to have lots of babies

Priyanka chopra gave an interview to a famous fashion trend setting company. She has made many revelations about her.

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Surprisingly, she brought to lime light interesting things about her.

In fact, Priyanka Chopra was travelling to New York (USA). She told some of the facts about her life.

She says, “We will be eating and partying in India”. Answering a question of the interviewer. As she likes to go on long drive with car windows down.

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Whereas, the air flushing through her hair. she takes an awesome delight in it.

Moreover, she would feel happy to take the interviewer to a rickshaw drive. It is different and brings you unique fun.

Priyanka Chopra mentions, “I would like to buy shoes, if they offer it duty free”. So, she loves shoes the most.

She has a Tattoo on her right hand side. It reads “Daddy Little Girl”. She reveals that her father engrave it during his lifetime. Therefore, she misses him much.

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Bollywood star actress thinks America is a land of freedom, home of braves and cheese burger.

Nevertheless, she thinks the Indian have unique approach toward American. The Indian think that you can sue every body in USA. And, all American are super rich.

Similarly, every American thinks that all Indian do arrange marriage. Also, they speak a language the Indian.

Ex-Miss Universe treats this as the common misconceptions on both sides.

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When the interviewer asked Priyanka chopra about the most sensational event in her life. She replied, “When Time Magazine cover page got her as the 100 most influentials”.

Furthermore; she has regarded Mischelle Obama the most inspirational woman to her. Bollywood fame says that Mischelle is super cool and real.

she said, “She wanted to go completely bald for the Magazine”. But she did not do it. Because the Pentene would sue her otherwise.

Most importantly, Priyanka tells that the boys should not surprise a girl all the time. So, don’t do chocolate and flower things all the time.

She has done skydiving as one of the coolest thing in her life. She would like to go on her first date on a long drive to unknown destination.

In addition to it, the scene of sunset would inspire her the most during the date.

Her favourite saying is “Jaisi karni waisi karni”.

Ms Chopra explained her Priemer of Baywatch photo. she said, “Everybody was shouting my name. I had fun”.

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Rehana and Rekha stand as Star Icon to her. Roger robin is onscreen love interest. And,  Iconic male role would come out James Bond.

“I would be an engineer at NASA, if I were not an actress”, reveals Priyanka. She learnt discipline life at Army School.

Priyanka says, “The bag of a girl is a big secret. And I keep two perfumes in my bag. I use them after mixing”.

She dreams to go to every island in the world and have lots of babies.


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