Prophet Adam creation, life untold story

Prophet Adam creation, life untold story

Prophet Adam the first man on the earth life story unique aspects. Allah created him with Adeem. Similarly, he got name Insaan.

  1. What kind of association the Friday exhibits with the Prophet Adam?

Ans: Allah created Adam on Friday. Adam entered Adam into Paradise and left it on Friday. He died on the same day. Similarly, Allah shall establish doomsday on Friday.

  1. How long did the Adam remain in the Paradise?

Ans: He lived about 100 year in the Paradise.

  1. Can you explain the Quranic ayat “Ihbito Minha Jamaiya”?

Ans: In the said ayat, Allah ordered the Adam to leave the Paradise. In addition to him, Allah also ordered Eve, Satan and snake to leave the Paradise through this verse.

  1. Where did the Adam, Eve, Satan and snake descend from the Paradise on the Earth?

Ans: The Adam descended on the Earth at Sri Lanka. Likewise, the Eve moved to Jaddah (Saudia Arabia). However, Allah threw Satan to Deesmassaan (Basra, Iraq). The snake got a place at Isfahaan (Iran).

  1. What nine things did the Prophet Adam bring along with him from the Paradise on the Earth?

Ans: He brought Hajr-e-Aswad (stone from the Heaven), flowers petals, a lathi (long stick), bailcha (spaddle), Kadaal, Snobbar, Sandaan, Hathora (a Hammer) and Sandaasi.

6. Which fruit did the Adam eat first on the Earth?

Ans: The Prophet Adam ate Jujube (Bair) when he came to the Earth.

7. What stones did the Prophet Adam use to build Bait Ullah?

Ans: He used stones from five different mountains. First of all, he used stone from Tor-e-Seena and Tor-e-Zaitoon. Then, he used stones from Jabl-e-Labnon and Jabl-e-Jodi. In addition to it, He erected walls with stones from Hira mountain.

8. Describe the height of the Hazrat Adam?

Ans: Allah has blessed the Adam with height 8 hath. Nevertheless, the hath has different lengths.

9. What was the age of the Adam? And children at the time of death.

Ans: He lived for 930 years. However, Hazrat Adam left about 40, 000 children at the time of his death.

10. Where did the Adam died? Also, Who offered Namaz-e-Janaza?

Ans: He died at the mount “Nauz” in Sri Lanka. The angel Geb-rial said to the Prophet Hazrat Shees for Namaz-e-Janza. Therefore, Hazrat Shees came forward and led the prayer.

Furthermore, there were 30 takbeers said for the Prophet Adam’s Namaz-e-Janaza.

11. Who brought the soil for the creation of Prophet Adam?

Ans: Allah (the God) sent the Satan (the Devil) to collect soil for the creation of Prophet Adam. However, he collected soil of every type from the Earth.

12. At what time Allah created the Prophet Adam?

Ans: Allah created the Prophet Adam on Friday between the Asr and Maghrib. Most importantly, Allah created the Prophet Adam from the soil called “Dhakhna”.

13. How did the Prophet Adam get the name “ADAM”?

Ans: Furthermore, The Prophet Adam got the name “ADAM” for his soil creation. Because, the Allah created him from soil collected from the surface of the Earth. Since, the soil surface termed “Adeem ul Araz”.

14. Why did the Prophet Adam get the name “INSAAN”?

Ans: Allah gave the Adam a name “Insaan”. Because, the Prophet Adam forgot that he had given forty (40) years of his life to the Prophet David. Hence, he fell to a disease of forgetfulness (Nisyaan).

As a result, Allah called the Adam as Insaan.

15. Did Allah create the Adam with His own hands? How many days Adam’s body remained without a face?

Ans: Yes, Allah created the Hazrat Adam with his own hands. Allah left Adam’s boy for forty days without a face. Therefore, he got a face after forty days.

16. Which of the things the Hazrat Adam started first?

Ans: Hazrat Adam said first words from his mouth “Alhamd ullilah”. In fact, he shaved his head first on the Earth. Similarly, he kept the Cock as first bird.


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