Prophet Muhammad life hidden facts revelation

Prophet Muhammad life hidden facts revelation

Prophet Muhammad led an ideal life. He set examples for the mankind to live. However, you might not know the following facts about his life.

  1. How many times the Prophet Muhammad saw the angel Gibe-rial in his original form?

Ans: He saw the angel Gibe-rial four time in his original form. First in cave “Hira”, secondly, at Sidra tul Muntaha during Miraj, thirdly, at Jayad (Macca) after Nabowah and Fouth timeĀ  on the request of Hazrat Hamza on top of Kaaba.

2. Who called the Prophet as “Abu Ibrahim”?

Ans: The angel Gibe-rial called him “Abu Ibrahim” during the last days of Holy Prophet Muhammad life. Therefore, his patronymic name caught in.

3. Who engraved seal between the two shoulders of the Holy Prophet? And what did it read?

Ans: The angels of Paradise (Rizwans) engraved the famous seal. And it read “SAR FAANAT MANSOOR”. Whereas, some say, “It read “MUHAMMAD RASOOL ALLAH”.

4. Who (Women) will marry the Prophet Muhammad in Paradise?

Ans: Three women will marry the Holy Prophet in Paradise. Maryam the daughter of Imran, Aasia the wife of Faroh and Kalsoom the sister of Prophet Moses.

5. The seal between the shoulders of the Holy Prophet vanished after his death?

Ans: Yes, it got vanished. Most importantly, according to Hazrat Asmaa, “When I saw the seal was not any more, I believed the Prophet had died”.

6. How many times the angels performed “the opening of chest” of the Prophet?

Ans: The angels perform opening of the chest for 4 times. First, at the age of three, then at the age of ten. Likewise, thirdly, at the cave of Hira and lastly during Miraj.

7. What was the name of sword of the Holy Prophet?

Ans: The name of the sword was “Zulfiqar”. However, the Prophet gave it to Hazrat Ali.

8. How much water did the Prophet use for Ablution (Waddu) and taking bath (Ghusal)?

Ans: He used 795 grams water for Waddu. Likewise, 3 kg of water for ghusal.

9. Who got the title “Ain Zabihain” and “Zabihain”?

Ans: The Holy Prophet Muhammad has got the title Ain Zabihain. However, his father Abdullah along with Hazrat Ismail got the title of Zabihain.

10. Which wife of the Prophet got married (Nikah) in the Heaven?

Ans: Hazrat Zainab bint Hajash got her Nikah with the Holy Prophet in Heaven.

11. Who breastfed the Holy Prophet?

Ans: Hazrat Amena (mother of the Holy Prophet) for seven days, then Sobia (free slave of Abu lahab). Then, Hazrat Haleema Sadia for 2 years.

12. How did the Prophet use to eat and with how many fingers?

Ans: The Holy Prophet used to sit in two ways while eating. Also, he used three fingers during eating food.

13. What vegetable the Prophet searched in meal and ate?

Ans: He used to search Pumpkin in meal and he preferred it. Furthermore, he starts eating salty food and end in eating salty food.

14. How many bowls the Holy Prophet used in his life?

Ans: He used two bowls in his life. However, One bowl was made up of glass and the other one from wood.

15. What meal did the Prophet use in the cave of Hira?

Ans: He used “SATTO” and water during his stay in the cave of Hira. He brought those things along with him. And sometimes his wife Khadeja would bring for him.

16. How many types of cloths the Prophet used?

Ans: He used Kutra, Lungi, Ammama and shawls. He had two shawls of green color. In addition to it, two khais of red and black color. Moreover, he used a pillow.

17. How many horses the Prophet possessed?

Ans: He used to have 7 horses. They had names Sakb, Martajiz, Tif, Lazaar, Zarb, Sabhah and Daar. In addition to it, he had five Tattu and three donkeys.

18. Can you tell the names of the camels of the Prophet?

Ans: The Prophet had three she camels. Kaswa, Azbaa and Jadaa. However, some say that Azbaa and Jadaa are the two name of one she camel.

19. How many milking camels and goats the Prophet got in his life?

Ans: The Prophet got 45 milking camels and 100 goats. Although, he never let the number of goats exceeding 100. Whenever, the number exceeds, He slaughtered one goat.

20. Who cut the Prophet hair during Hajj Alwadah and Umrah ul Qazaa?

Ans: Hazrat Muamar bin Abdullah cut hair during Hajj Alwadah. Nevertheless, Kharash bin Ummiyah cut hair during Ummarh ul Qazaa.

21. Which kids urinate in the lap of the Prophet?

Ans: Five 5 children urinate in the lap. These kids include Hazrat Immam Hussain, Hazrat Hasan, Hazrat Abdullah bin Zubair and Ibn e Umm Qais.

21. How did the companions gave Ghusal to the Prophet after his death?

Ans: Upon a voice from the Heaven, the companion gave Ghusal to the Prophet with cloths on. Later on, the cloths were removed and three cotton cloths put on his dead body.

22. Who offered the last prayer (Namaz e Janaza) of the Prophet and how?

Ans: First angels from the Heaven offered. Then Ahl e bait did, after then the rest of the people offered. However, the people did in groups.

23. Who dig grave for the Prophet and who laid him in it?

And: Hazrat Abu Talha dig the grave. And Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Abbas and his two sons, Hazrat Qasam and Hazrat Fazal laid his dead body into grave.

24. What kind of tiles put on the grave of the Prophet. Who threw water on his grave?

Ans: The companions put nine tiles on the grave in standing position. In fact, they put clay tiles unbaked. In fact, Hazrat Bilal spray water of a Mashk on his grave. He started spraying water from head to toe.

25. Who put cloth down the waist of the dead body of the Prophet? Who offered Namaz Janazaa in Mosque Nabvi?

Ans: Hazrat Shaqran, who was freed slave by Hazrat Muhammad, put cloth down the waist. He bought this cloth from Najran. And He used to wear that cloth in his life.

Whereas, Hazrat Sahal bin Baiza offered the Prophet Namaz e janaza in Mosque Nabvi.

26. Prophet Muhammad buried his companion? Also, who kafir got killed at the hands of the Prophet?

Ans: The Prophet buried hazrat Abdullah Zo ul bajadteen in grave by himself. However, a Kafir Abi bin Khalaf got killed at the hand of the Prophet in the battle of Uhud.

27. Give details of the ditch which the Holy Prophet dug during the battle of Ahzaab?

Ans: He dug a ditch about 6 miles long, 5 gaz deep. However, the ditch got completed in six days.

28. The Prophet fought which Ghazwa first?

Ans: He fought first in Ghazwa Abwaa, then Bawaat and Asheer. Similarly, the total number of Ghazwaat is 29.

29. What last words the Holy Prophet said before his death?

Ans: Allahuma bil Rafique Allal Aala.

30. What is Bait Lahum? The Prophet performed Immamat during the Miraj?

Ans: Bait Lahum is the place where Hazrat Issa (Jesus) born. Neverthelss, the Holy Prophet did Immamat first of angels and then of the Prophets during Miraj.

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