Qingming Festival blossoms with colorful cherry flowers

Qingming Festival blossoms with colorful cherry flowers

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Qingming Festival made a wonderful show of colorful flowers in China. Many people across China visited nearby sites. And, they witness stunning natural views before heading back to work.

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In east China’s Jiangsu province, cherry blossoms show full bloom at Yancheng City’s Dayangwan Park.

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Also, the park organized a lively parade to celebrate the annual Cherry Flower Festival. Therefore, the performers dressed in ancient Chinese costumes in parade.

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They march through the small ways surrounding the park. People around the country and abroad took photographs of the splendid event.

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However, people loved the beautiful flowers and tree blossoms. All the visitors had great fun at the park.

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Wisteria and rapeseed flowers created amazing scenes at several tourists’ destinations in the province as well.

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Nevertheless, Wisteria stems hung down from trees with clusters of blooming flowers. They cast a spell over the visitors. The tourists enjoy a sense of dreamlike romance.

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Whereas, the rapeseed flowers looked glorious. Because they spread throughout a large area of terraced fields. Their shiny yellow color presents the magical eyesight.

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In addition to it, red flowers created the magnificent view in Wuning County of east China’s Jiangxi Province.

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Along with red flowers, the green lake showcase a picturesque sight. Therefore, it prompted tourists to take photos of the artistic scene.

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Adding further, red maple trees surround the earth with the shade of their color. Maple leaves usually turn red in autumn.

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However, the maple trees in Banan District of Chongqing Municipality attracted large crowds.

People become fascinated with their unseasonal, breathtaking red hue during the holiday.



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