Qmobile A1 Fingerprint Sensor Beating Mobile Phones

Qmobile A1

A few years ago, the fingerprint sensor of QMobile A1 has now become luxury

You go the shop and you will see there are several mobile with the fingerprint sensor on them.

The reason for popularity is that it is easy to unlock by simple using your finger on it. Every android mobile

 One of the best fingerprint sensors

 Qmobile is one of the best mobile that is beating against like Oppo, apple, apple and many others. Its update flagships smartphone, the Qmobile Noir AI, can easily unlock with the help of the fingerprint. Moreover, it unlock easily and faster than Oppo F1s as well as Apple‘s iPhone 7.

QMobile A1’s competing with iphone 7 and oppo F1s

Qmobile A1 is easily to unlock as compare iphone 7 and oppo F1s, the two time test repeated to ensure the Qmobile A1 speed.

Specification of the Qmobile Noir AI

The phones come with the 5.5 inch display with the 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage.   Moreover, it come with the 4,010 mAh fastest battery with the 8 w dual charging.

lastly, the mobile get lot more previous order before it official announced.One of the key features of the Noir A1 is its 16 MP front camera with a dedicated soft light selfie flash

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