QSO 1984 mcqs for LLB part 3 students

QSO 1984 mcqs

QSO 1984 mcqs

 Qanun-e-Shahadat Order 1984 mcqs for LLB part 3

  1. English Law of Privileges does not allow to expose a witness  to a question that leads to

criminal prosecution

2. Article 15 of Q.S.O abolishes English Law of


3. To charge with crime, to expose to an accusation or charge of crime, to involve oneself or another in a criminal prosecution or the danger thereof, is definition in

Black’s Law Dictionary

4. About the witness under Q.S.O following laws come into operation

Article 15 and 18 of Q.S.O       cross reference       section 340 (2) Cr.P.C

5. Article 15 of Q.S.O provides……..to the witness appearing before court


6. The answer to any question during prosecution cannot compel a witness to

Arrest or civil suit

7. Criminal proceeding can be instituted against a witness if he gives

False evidence

8. Protection under Article 15 of Q.S.O provides, testimony may criminate a person who is accused in one case and

Witness in other case

9. A witness

QSO 1984 mcqs


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