Ramadan month


The Ramadan month is a virtuous month for the Muslims. The word “رمض” (Ramd) implies heat or burning. The Muslims endure the burning of thirst and heat of hunger in Ramadan. Therefore, the month has name of Ramadan.

Some have suggested that the Ramadan word is derived from Ramadau (رمضاٗ) which implies the autumn rain. The rain washes the earth and brings the spring. Just like rain, the Ramadan month washes the dirt and dust of sins. Hence, it is Ramadan.

Hazrat Anas reports that The Holy Prophet has said, “The month is called Ramadan because it burns sins.”

(Kanz-ul-Ummal p.217 vol 8)

Ramadan month washes the dirt and dust of sins from the heart. So, we call it Ramadan.

Some exegetists have explained that the Arab gave names to month according to their seasons. They gave the Rabi-ul-Awwal name because of spring season. Similarly, they termed Jumadil Aula for water freezing winter. Exegetists adopt name of Ramadan as it came in summer.

(Tafsir-e-Na-imi p.205 vol, 2)

Mufti Ahmed Yar Khan has stated in “Tafsir-e-Na’imi” that Ramadan is probably one of the names of Allah. For example, Rahman. He says that a muslim has to worship for the whole day and night in this month. Therefore, Ramadan is the month of Allah. Similarly, the word Masjid or the Holy Kaa’ba refers as the house of Allah.

Ramadan month is the Holy month because Allah revealed the Holy Quran in this month. The Holy Quran is the most sacred book that the Muslims have to follow.

Allah (the God) says in the Holy Quran:

“The month of Ramadan in which was sent down the Quran- the guidance for mankind, the direction and the clear criteria (to judge between right and wrong). So whoever among you finds this month, must fast for the (whole) month; and whoever is sick or on a journey, may fast the same number in other days. Allah desires ease for you and does not desire hardship for you so that you complete the count (of fasts), and glorify Allah’s greatness for having guided you, and so that you may be grateful.

(chapter2, verse, 185)


Hazrat Abu Said Khudri has narrated that the Holy Prophet has said, “On the first night of Ramadan month, the portals of the skies and Paradise are opened. These gates remain open till the last night of the month. So, if anyone offers Salah in the night of this month. Allah will reward him with 1500 virtues for every Sajdah (Prostration).”

Such person will also receive a palace of red rubies with 60,000 gates. The gates shall have hinges of gold.


what should one do in Ramadan 2017?

The person who fasts on the first day of Ramadan month. His sins shall be forgiven until the last day of the month. And 70, 000 angels will ask for his forgiveness from morning till evening. Each time he prostrates during day and night, Allah shall grant a tree in Heaven. This tree is so huge that a horse rider can ride under its shadow for 500 years.

(Shu’ab-ab-Iman p.314, vol.3 hadith 3635)

Hazrat Salman farsi has narrated that the Holy Prophet sadi, “If you do a good deed in this month, it will equivalent to A Fard in any other month. And a Fard act will be equal to 70 Fards in other months.”


The Holy Prophet said, “There is a gate in Paradise called Ar-Riyan. And those who observe fasts will enter through it on the Day of Resurrection. And none except them will enter through it.”

(Sahih Bukhar 1896)

Fast of Hazrat Dawood

Hazrat Abdullah bin Amr bin Al As narrates that once came to me. “Your guest has a right on you, and your wife has a right on you. I then asked about the fasting of David. The Prophet replied, “Half of the year.” He used to fast on every alternate day.

(Sahih al-Bukhari 1974)

Ramadan Mubarak

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