Real Madrid 2 times Champions UEFA SUPER CUP

Real Madrid beat Manchester United 2-1 in final at Skopje, Macedonia. Real teams retain the title consecutively for two times. They lifted the cup against Sevilla last year.


Casemiro first scored the opening goal for the Real Madrid. He posted the goal in the first half. And made his team lead in the score.

Isco doubled the advantage. He scored the second goal for his team in second half.

Later the Romelu kukaku scored one goal for Manchester United. He made the only goal for his team. He came up for his team in second half.

Lukaku had missed badly when Pogba’s shot had been saved on 54 minutes. Here, the team could manage the score level.

Real Madrid held the grisp tightened in the match.

Zinedine Zidane’s side exerted a slow grip on the match in the first half. with a sequence of passes that moved United gradually and inexorably backwards towards their own goal.

Real Madrid made quick passes during the game and maintained dominance. They smacked the undersides of the crossbar. Hence, Real Madrid teared apart the defense of the Manchester United.

However, the star player Ronaldo came to play for only last ten minutes of the game.

Nemanja Matic from Real Madrid shot the ball to test Navas. But the ball deflected. Romelu Kukaku took advantage of the deflection. And tapped the ball home.

Real Madrid made this their first goal.

Isco continues his run and slots into the bottom right of the corner. He made the second goal for his team. He turned the lead 2-0.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid made a double change in the last minutes of the game. They replaced the Lucas Vazquez and Asensio with Isco and Bale.

Sergio Ramos and Felliani had a clash of heads during the match. Felliani had bleeding from the top of the head. He needed a new shirt as a result.

Manchester United lost the chance to equal the score. When Paul pogba failed to head the ball into goal post on a cross from Mikhtaryan.


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