Real meaning of jihad in islamic point of view

Two most debated issues on media were Veil and Jihad. Veil wears by Muslim females in order to cover their head and face. European countries so fixated with Islam that they banned Veil. All the claims of freedom, liberty and individual’s rights were set aside. Switzerland even took a further step and it closed creation of Mosques, worship place for the Muslims.

After 9/11 the world united to root out terrorism from the globe. In this regard USA took the charge and invaded Afghanistan. From that day till now this war is on and we are not sure when it will come to an end. Islam came under sever media attacks for its role in terrorism. It opens in the media as if Islam and terrorism are one and same. This misconception resulted in the hatred against Islam and Muslims. These trends also give confident laws discriminatory to the Muslim community.

Jihad discusses more and more in the media. Many scholars with little knowledge came and talked about this concept. In reality majority of them were least aware of this concept. The reason is very simple even Muslim community is not totally familiar with this idea.

Jihad literary means “To struggle”, It is an Arabic word. In Islam it has different stages and Western media is present only one stage, the last one. Before commenting on this, I will just give a fast look at the various stages of Jihad.

First and the most significant stage of Jihad is self cleansing. It managed on one will and feeling. It is the position that any Muslim will keep on doing all his life. The reason for this great effort is very simple because as long as the person is living, he will have feeling and emotions. Controlling them is a difficult task but the first stage of Jihad says that it must do and without it everything is empty.

Second stage or kind of Jihad is struggle against evil with Wealth. If a person is wealthy, he should contribute to the society by spending money in different sectors in order to keep the people away from crimes. This is the responsibility of the State as well as individual.

Third kind of Jihad is struggle with Pen. If a person educated and Allah gifted the person with gift of good writing, he must spread against sins and wrong doings of the culture.

If a person is talking beside evil doings or evil doer, he is also performing Jihad. In fact, the perfect Jihad after self cleansing is saying Truth in front of tyrant. Person must have courage to face barriers in the face of his honest sayings against bad but influential people.

From the above lines clear that Jihad has nothing to do with aggression and the fallacy spread by the Western media based on bias and need of knowledge. It is astonishing that a concept that is for the betterment of individuals and society treated as an equivalent to terrorism.

The reason for this fallacy is the mistreatment of the word Jihad. For this mistreatment Western media is not responsible. In reality all this misconception about Jihad has increased by the Muslims themselves. They have restricted Jihad to the last kind only.

In the last phase or kind of Jihad, it is the duty of affirm to announce war against evil. Now this is very vital. State and only state can declare war. No person or group individually can assert Jihad.


This is very tragic that the world is unaware of the term Jihad and it is distorted. This is duty of Muslims to educate and spread the real meaning of Islam.

The word jihad is not synonymous within holy war that the western media wants everyone to believe. Some writer say that jihad is five pillar of Islam, whereas other say that this fard kafayah but in the popular idea is that the jihad is war in which the Muslims  engaged. There are lots of the confusion and misunderstanding about the jihad. The word jihad and the verb that goes with it mean to fight against some opposition and every Muslims is engaged in jihad more and more everyone is struggle for his existence the kind of the jihad we are taking about fi sabeel lillah, that is to say trying and exerting in the path of Allah almighty. Jihad is a ceaseless and earnest activity involving the sacrifice of mental and physical resources, wealth and property for the sake of getting pleasure of Allah almighty.

for understand the meaning of struggling in the path of Allah. One must first clear concept of the responsibilities of a Muslim. According to the Sunnah and Quran, there are three obligations of the one Muslims. Firstly, a Muslim needs to become a dutiful slave of Allah second he needed to mold his life, his value and his ambition according to the commands of his lord. Thirdly, he must try to establish the domination of Islam all over the world.

A Muslim should put in a great deal of hard labor in fulfill these obligations, a Muslim must exercise all his abilities and all his resource when he fulfills his duties. On the other hand, he is needed to do jihad. This struggle of jihad covers a very wide range of the religion obligations.


How can we take the Islamic revolution in our own times? This is will possible by following the methodology of prophet Muhammad and must revitalization of imam through the Quran and Muslims need to established strong nucleus of the conviction and faith among the Muslim society. The imam then removes all other segment of the society and established Islamic revolution among the society.


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