Road safety plan for national highways in Pakistan

The three years road safety plan launch for motorways and highways with almost 2.8 million. According to the 2015 report, the 25,000 people killed in mishaps every year.

More, road safety is a big prob. It bad effect on the economy, the public health, and the welfare of people especially the low-income people.

The road safety plan divided into the two main categories

Hard solution works include crash risk locations, the road safety and the develop of driving licensing

However, Soft solution works include the traffic rules, the transporters, and the public protests.

Shaukat Hayat road accidents in which a 25,000 people died every year, he explains that police of highway need to take steps.  Moreover, they need to take control over road crashes urgent in future.

Ministry of contact pay role for the progress of road.  it also make a plan for the road so that the mishaps of the road may less



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