Samsung Reveals Cause Of Galaxy Note 7 Explosions

By the end of 2016, Samsung explored galaxy note 7 explosion. Samsung is planning its finding on the last of the January month.  However, the investigations have already leaked. They give the blame on the internal design.

This initially believed by Samsung which the galaxy note 7 exploding due the battery supplied by Samsung. On the other hand, the investigation tells that high capacity battery and internal design were cause of galaxy 7 note. The internal design of the galaxy note 7 did not analysis for the high power. So, the other component which led to the 3500mAh battering heating up.  There are no space for heat absorption. the battery‘s does not bear load. So, this become failure to handle the software. This is big cause note 7 explosion.

Moreover, according to the Reuters news. The exploding not the effect by software and hard issues.  So, blame putting directly on the batteries supplied to Samsung.

By the Galaxy S8 launch fast coming. Samsung wants to reveal cause behind the Note 7 explosions. The company also broadcasting next week.  It would also highlighting on the security of the product. It is also supposedly the reason behind Samsung postponing the launch of the Galaxy S8 from February to April. The handset is likely to come with a full -screen design. just like that to what we have realized Xiaomi do with the Mi Mix.

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