Scientist Stephen Hawking predictions Donald Trump will end the world

Scientist Stephen Hawking predictions Donald Trump will end the world

Scientist Stephen Hawking says the United State President Donald Trump is taking wrong decisions. He has predicted that the World is going to end by the following ways.

However, if you are the one favoring best wishes for the next year. Then, you might be wrong. The world famous scientist Stephen Hawking’s predictions are casting contradictions.

He has made five doomsday prophecies for the world.

According to the Scientist Stephen Hawking, the Earth is going to die in the next 600 years.

He says, “The population of the Humans will enhance the energy consumption. As a result, overpopulation will make the Earth burn red.

He was speaking this in a meeting held at Tencent WE Summit Beijing. Scientists from all the world over gathered there to share their ideas.

Professor Hawking said, “By the year 2600, the World’s population would be standing shoulder to shoulder. Therefore, the consumption of Electricity would make the Earth glow red-hot”.

However, he has come up with an idea, “boldly go where no one has gone before”.  Simply speaking, man should search for the new horizons and worlds.

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Secondly, Hawking has expressed his fear that artificial intelligence might replace Humans. He gave an interview over this to a web portal.

He has advised to work and improve in the field of artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, we should also mindful of its dangers.

Since, Hawking says, “If people design computer viruses, someone will design Al that replicates itself”. And this might replace humans altogether.

Thirdly, Scientist Stephen Hawking has warned the World over the nuclear technology. In fact, the spread of this technology has endangered humans.

Speaking to the BBC Hawking says, “There is no sign of conflict lessening. Therefore, the development of militarized technology and weapon of mass destruction could make the disastrous”.

Fourthly; climate change, overpopulation and other pandemics will gather humans in future. Therefore, Professor Hawking has suggested that the Humans must look for new Worlds.

He believes that the world has reached to “point of no return”.

In addition to it, the United State President Donald Trump has taken a wrong decision over Paris climate change agreement.

US president’s decision to withdraw the Paris climate change agreement would “push the Earth over the brink”.

Because of Donald Trump decision, the Earth will become like Venus, with a temperature 250 degrees and raining sulphuric acid.

Professor has warned that we have reached a close point where global warming becomes irreversible.

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