Send Whatsapp Messages Without Touching Your Phone

Send Whatsapp Messages Without Touching Your Phone

Until now, you can easily use Google assistance to say “Ok Google, send Whatsapp message and this will transcribe everything you said.

In some situations where you either think the speech text cannot pick on some of your words or where you want to say something in a language which is not supported then sending a voice message is preferable.

Lets Check How Google Assistance To Send A Voice Message

All you need to do just follow these steps.

You just need to open Google assistance and say OK Google, for sending voice message.

The picture shown below describes that where you can record your message.

Once you done your recording, you can send it by either saying, OK Google send to the tap button on the top right and it sent through Whatapps to the person you choose.

You can simply send your messages using any three methods

  • You can simply ask Google to send a voice message. Google will then ask and start recording the audio
  • You can ask Google send a voice message to X. Google will take the name of the recipient and instantly start recording.
  • Google will record everything, prepare the recipient and clip for you, so you can directly send it.

Moreover, you can change the recipients and delete your recorded message.

Adding shortcut to Google assistance

If you are not able to send exact word during recording your messages, you can easily use the shortcut.

The features yet appear on

Android Wear: Assistant does not record audio clips and lets the user only command and record messages there.

Google Search/widget voice command, where the voice message interface doesn’t get activated.

This is available Whatsapp only and another service like Telegram, Viber, BBM, Threema, and TextPlus do support Assistant, they only let you send voice message an option.

Moreover, the new features are still very important for its users. Users can only see Google assistance for only work with their voice.

Moreover, you can also send Whatsapp text messages using your voice.

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