Seven Muharram Yazid closed water in Karbala

Seven Muharram Yazid forces closed the water of Imaam Husain and his companions staying at Karbala.

Imaam Husain together with his family and companions set up tents in the land of Karbala. Insar e Husain had committed to stay with Imaam till martyrdom.

The land of Karbala comprised of desert all over. However, only the River Euphrates (Furaat) was flowing to one side of the tents. There was no other source of water for the people in the tents.

The governor of KUFA, Ibn e Zayaad ordered to increase attrociites on the Insar Husain and stopped them from reaching the river.

Umar Saad was leading the Yazid’s troops in the land of Karbala.

Ibn e Zayaad was operating the movements of troops through him. He conveyed all the messages of Yazid to him in the land of Karbala.

So, Umar Saad erected the wall of army men between the Ahl e bait and the river Eufrates (Furaat).

He made such a tight surrounding around the tents of Ahl e bait on seven muharram. As a result, the people of Insar Husain could not get a drop of water to quench their thirst.

Because of this, Ibn e Zayaad thought that Imaam Husain would accept Yazid as Caliph.

Many women and children in the camps of Husain were feeling thirst greatly. Ali Asghar, who was only six month child, had to quench his thirst at any cost.

The situation started becoming critical with the passage of time against heat. The people of Ahl e bait started to shout “Al tash, Altash” on seven muharram.

And Imaam got under tremendous pressure against the odd circumstances. He ordered Hazrat Abbas to dig a well around the camps of Insar Husain. But to no veil.

Because Hazrat Abbas could not get water out of the well. Hazrat Abbas Ulambardar himself dug up the well.

According to a tradition, Imaam dispatched his son Ali Akbar (not Imaam Zain Abideen) to bring some water for the people in the tents. He sent thirty horsemen and twenty foot soldiers along with Ali Akbar.

Then, Imaam said to his companions, “Rise and drink from the water as it would be your last provision. Perform wudu, ghusl and wash your clothes as they are your shrouds”.

Imaam ordered to set the dug well of Hazrat Abbas on fire so that enemy might not use the place for attack.

Later on, the people of camps of Husain again started feeling pangs of thirst. He asked for water access to enemy forces.

Whereas, Yazid forces refused the access to water. They said, “The Insar e Husain had been refused water just as Hazrat Uman and his family were denied during siege.”

Although Hazrat Imaam Husain had nothing to do with the water closure of Hazrat Usman and his family, yet he and his family denied water.

Al Amali by Shaikh Sadooq (ra), Page 220

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