Sexy Chic Swimsuit Victoria Open Her Fitness Secret

sexy chic swimsuit Victoria

In sexy chic swimsuit Victoria open her fitness secret on the global audience and she celebrates her 18th marriage anniversary with her husband.

Finally sexy chic swimsuit Victoria opened up her fitness secret.  During the cover interview for Vogue Netherland, she says that I am 43 old year. I will not marry anymore.

Moreover, she share her fitness secret with look after four children. Victoria says  I go for a three mile run in the morning. I devote some hour for kitchen every day for my house.

Victoria is the set to celebrate her 18th wedding anniversary with her beloved husband David at the start of the July at the Luttrestown castle in Ireland. She says, he is my soul mate and most incredible husband. We are lucky to have each other. Meanwhile, she says, he loves me very much and we can not live without each other.



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